Ryan Cobb Bio


My name is Ryan Cobb and I am a 20 year old, 3rd year student pursuing a degree in Leadership Studies at Renaissance College, University of New Brunswick Fredericton. I am also pursuing a second degree in chemical engineering.


Originally from Riverview, New Brunswick my passions for change have led me across the world to Bhutan where I completed a 10 week internship. During my time in Bhutan I helped organize a leadership conference for Bhutanese High School Students and I was also given the opportunity to learn about the difficulties of entrepreneurship in Bhutan from working in my host families’ traditional boot making house.


I believe in sustainable development and trying to make a positive impact in my community, which is why I chose to study both leadership and chemical engineering. My two fields of study are completely different but I believe they have given me the skills necessary to help create change in my home province of New Brunswick.


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