Katherine Aske Bio


I am a proud Maritimer from Halifax, Nova Scotia in my final year at Renaissance College where I am majoring in Interdisciplinary Leadership and minoring in Environmental Resource Management.


After spending a gap year doing Canada World Youth in Alberta and Nicaragua, and throughout my degree, I have developed many passions. I care deeply about immigration, gender equality, and sustainability. I spent a year working to get David Coon elected as New Brunswick's first Green MLA, and am now co-chairing UNB's Campus Food Strategy Group.


My main passion that has emerged has been an interest in food, and specifically food system reform. I want to work to make food systems more localized, sustainable, and equitable. I spent the past summer on an organic farm in India, which was part of a larger network across the country supporting small farmers and sustainable practices.


I think the Maritimes are a very special place, and I plan on sticking around. I am so excited to be a part of this program so that I can become a part of a network of changemakers, and be introduced to new ideas and systems for creating change here at home.

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