Jeremy Nason Bio

Jeremy Nason is in his third and final year at the University of New Brunswick’s faculty of Renaissance College studying Interdisciplinary Leadership and Political Science. Student by day and comedian at heart, Jeremy strives to be an active member in his community and volunteers with various organizations and initiatives. Netflix enthusiast and extremely passionate, Jeremy is a New Brunswicker born and raised and is proud and humbled to be accepted into the Pond Deshpande Student Ambassador Program.


Passionate about community development and the empowerment of marginalized citizens, Jeremy believes that change is best achieved through interpersonal interactions and working collaboratively with others. An act for supporting, connecting, and simply making people laugh are some the main reasons for his held importance of relationships in community building.


In the future he hopes to work in global development in elevating poverty conditions. Jeremy is looking forward to further improving his communication and problem solving skills through the Student Ambassador program and is excited to learn and experience the role entrepreneurship has to play in tackling societal challenges.

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