Jennifer Sanford Bio


Jennifer is a fourth year student in the Bachelor of Science program at the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton. She is currently working on her Honours thesis in Psychology and will be graduating next May. She has been a Dean's List student since her first year of university and has received numerous scholarships, including the Edna Isabel Corbett-Wile Scholarship two years in a row, and has been involved in various odd volunteering opportunities on and off-campus.


Her academic co-curricular activities include having been/being a research assistant, a teaching assistant, a tutor for first year chemistry, and a note taker for various psychology-related courses. She has been involved with extra-curricular activities such as being the North American Ambassador for the University of New Brunswick International Student Association, is currently the Secretary of the Undergraduate Psychology Society, is involved in various research labs within the psychology department, and helped a friend with decorating the Etsy: Made in Canada event/helped it run smoothly throughout the day.


She plans on applying for graduate school in Experimental Psychology and going into academia. Jennifer loves cats and all animals, enjoys watching comedies and horror films/television shows in her down-time, and absolutely adores listening to music.




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