Ethan Cochrane Bio


I am an outgoing, adventure seeking, and charismatic 23 year old with a propensity to help those in need. I love human interaction and find engaging people from unique and diverse walks of life to be one of my favourite experiences to have.


I am the eldest of three siblings, and because my younger siblings are sisters, I've taken on a decidedly more protective role over the years. I come from a strong, close-knit family and as such I appreciate the value in having good role models to influence one when they are young and impressionable. I am passionate about music and have sang and played the piano from a young age. My favourite genre of music is jazz and it is what I am most familiar with when singing, however I can appreciate all genres of music. I am very gregarious and can converse at length with most anyone, even those with wildly differing political views. Finding common ground is always a rewarding achievement. I hope to one day enter the public service as a policy maker who focuses specifically on the ethical dimension of public policy. If however that doesn't work, being a sports car mechanic will do!


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