Daniel He Bio


My name is Daniel He and I am a second year student in the Electrical Engineering program at UNB. I am also doing a double minor in Math and Biology. I began an interest in entrepreneurship and social innovation in middle school where I started a company that offered web-hosting services named Feather Host. In high school, I challenged the math curriculum and took a second-year university math course in my twelfth grade.


I have a passion for activism and social change and I enjoy playing an active role in my community. Last year, I advocated for the re-approval of the Biomedical Engineering Specialization under Electrical Engineering and became Vice President Communications for the Electrical, Computer and Software Engineering Society. I have become active with Clinic 554, the only healthcare clinic in Fredericton which targets healthcare services to marginalized groups, such as LGBTQ+ people, families without family doctors, and seniors; so far I have already redesigned their website, making it mobile-friendly, professional, and highly accessible. This year, I hope to become more active with LGBTQ+ issues and health care rights in New Brunswick. I already have lots of ideas in mind, so keep an eye out for what is coming!

@ SAP_pdc