Adriana Rivas Bio


My name is Adriana Rivas and I was born in Venezuela. I’m a St Thomas University student majoring in Economics with Business and International Relations.


Coming from a country with a political climate very different from Canada’s , I wanted Fredericton to feel like home from the moment I arrived... and what better way to do so than getting involved in the community? I have been involved with my campus as the International Student Association President, as well as working as a Residence Advisor, but community means so much more than just campus.


I am involved in the greater Fredericton community through the STU Rotaract Club, a partner of Rotary International and help coordinate the city’s Local Immigration Partnership initiative through Ignite Fredericton, the city’s economic development agency. I am passionate about helping newcomers settle and integrate within their communities and look forward to creating a New Brunswick where young people see the opportunities and want to stay and thrive here. Entrepreneurship is the key to our success in the province, and the more we can help Canadians and immigrants embrace this, the stronger we all become.


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